The First International Congress "Ukrainian Garlic For THE WORLD"

Date: November 20 – 22, 2014

Location: Ukraine, Lviv

Over the past ten years Ukraine became the leading producer of garlic in Eastern Europe. The production of high quality  marketable products and the planting material has gained an impressive growth. The registry has been filled with some new perspective varieties. The leading companies in cooperation with scientists have developed the new technology of the crop’s cultivation.

Ukraine is on the verge of large-scale integration into the world economy, including the agricultural products. The garlic production in Ukraine has significant export potential and investment attractiveness. The aim of the Congress is to present to the world community Ukrainian garlic as a world-class quality product that may be interesting not only for the consumer in the supermarket, but also in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Our company "Best Garlic Of Ukraine" is the leading operator in the field of high-quality garlic in Ukraine. Because of our daily contact with the main members in the garlic production we decided to organize a conference for all who is interested in this sphere to share their knowledge and experience.

Scientists and experts, representatives of more than fifty countries from all the continents (except Antarctica) will take part in congress. They will share their knowledge in agronomy, product varieties, storage and marketing of the product. During the congress the specialized exhibition will be held. Among the interesting sights of the event - summing up, the awarding of winners and the best innovative solutions in the branch, an extensive cultural program, sightseeing in Lviv.

We hope that our congress will get the status of the annual. It would be a serious, informational, scientific and innovative platform for international cooperation.